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A Guide to the Best Sentimental Baby Gifts for a New Parent


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Every year, over 134 million babies are born in the world. Despite such a huge number, every child is surely treasured by their family and friends.

Perhaps you know a couple who’s recently welcomed a bundle of joy, and you want to congratulate them on their new family member. But you don’t want to gift the new parents something boring and unmemorable. You want your presents to really wow them!

Need some inspiration before you get your wallet out though? Below are some great suggestions if you want to get sentimental baby gifts for the new parents in your life.

Personalized Photo Album

You can bet that Mommy and Daddy will take plenty of pictures. Snaps of Baby eating, sleeping, or even throwing a tantrum will capture all those tough yet treasured moments.

Even though most people prefer digital media nowadays, many still prefer good old physical pictures. This makes it easy to pull out pictures to show or hand out to people, so you can’t go wrong with a photo album.

The new parents can proudly display this gift and slowly fill it up as the weeks and months go by. Whenever they have guests over, they can then hand them the album to flip through while relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee.

Once they’ve filled the photo album, they can keep displaying the album or put it away in a safe place. Once their child grows up, they can then sit together and marvel at how tiny and cute they used to be!

Baby Memory Book

Baby memory books complement photo albums well, so consider making it a package deal. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and you can usually guess what’s happening in them, but sometimes, a caption or other relevant things can provide better context. And this is where a memory book comes in handy.

The new parents can keep track of all their little one’s milestones in one of these. For example, they can write down when the Baby first slept in their crib, got their first teddy bear, etc.

In addition, the couple can note down fond memories they don’t want to forget. Whether it’s a lazy afternoon nap with Baby on Daddy’s chest or Baby having a blast with a toy, it’ll all be recorded in this memory book.

With this present, the parents can keep mementos in one place, and they can also write little notes for their child to see later on. This makes it one of the most awesome baby gifts you can give!

Keepsake Box

Take the memory book one step further by getting the new parents a keepsake box. Whether you customize it on your own or get one already made and decorated from the shop, it’s the thought that counts. However, it can be a nice touch to put the baby’s name or initials on it, as well as their birthdate.

With this present, your loved ones can store all their infant’s special mementos that won’t fit in the memory book. Whenever they miss what their child used to be like, they can go into the box and bring out their old clothes or stuffed animals.

Handprint or Footprint Kit

Infants only stay little for such a short time; before they know it, the new parents will have a teenager on their hands already! Because of this, we tend to take millions of pictures to hold onto every piece of evidence that our children were once tiny things.

But that’s not enough. Images can only tell you so much, after all.

If you’re looking for unique newborn baby gift ideas, then you have to buy a handprint or footprint kit. A 3D memory allows parents to immortalize their baby’s minuscule hands and feet.

By drilling a hole in the mold, putting a string through, then hanging it up, your loved ones can look at this piece of art whenever they wish. They can even touch it to remember that newborn feel. And in the future, the not-so-little baby can gaze in wonder at how small they once were.

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry pieces make amazing gifts for new parents, especially if it’s their first child. All too often, they’re so focused on their babies that they forget to take care of themselves. So with a nice new necklace or bracelet, they’ll remember to look and feel their best.

Consider having the jewelry engraved with the baby’s name and/or birthdate. You can also pick their birthstone for the gems to give it that truly unique look.

Personalized Baby Clothes

One of the most useful gifts for a newborn baby is clothes, so you can bet that the parents will be inundated with them. However, you can stand out against the crowd by geting them personalized garments. These can be designed or even made by you if you’re talented enough!

You can also buy girl or baby boy clothing that matches the parents’ style. For example, if they have the beach and skater look, you can get their little one a snapback or tiny swim trunks!

Impress New Parents With These Sentimental Baby Gifts

Every experienced parent will tell you that their babies grew up way too fast. So if you give these sentimental baby gifts, you’ll be giving your loved ones something special to remember this special time.

Whether you give them a photo album and keepsake box, or a handprint kit and personalized jewelry, the new parents in your life are sure be touched that you put so much thought into your gifts!

Did you find these sentimental gifts for new parents helpful? Then get more fantastic life ideas by reading our other blog posts!


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