How To Choose a Casual Outfit

Contemporary Urban Style: How To Choose a Casual Outfit


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Take a look at the fashion industry, and for most people, it seems impossible to keep up with. Haute couture means dressing to the nines, and not everyone’s cut out for that.

But thankfully, there are various modern fashion trends out there that are not only easy to pick up, but are also comfortable and pleasant on the eyes, too. For example, there’s urban style, which is a style of casual dress that gives you a put-together look with little effort.

But how do you choose a casual outfit that works for this style? Read on to find out.

Neutral Colors and Minimalist Patterns

Urban style is very laidback, so you don’t want to overcomplicate things. The color palette you use should be neutral, such as black, white, gray, navy, or olive. All of these colors are versatile, which means they’re easy to mix and match, too.

When looking at patterns or graphics, choose minimalist ones for a modern touch. Stripes, subtle geometric shapes, or small logos can add interest without being too overwhelming.

Casual Tops

You won’t have to debate between comfort vs. style when it comes to tops. Choose from graphic tees, plain crew necks, or henley shirts, and make sure to pick quality fabrics and well-fitted cuts.

You can also go for oversized tops, as they’re trendy as well. But balance them with fitted bottoms to avoid looking too baggy overall.

Jeans vs. Sweatpants

What’s great is with urban style, you can wear either jeans or sweatpants; however, make sure they’re well-fitted.

To stay comfy, go with sweatpants. You’ll be wrapped in softness while maintaining a stylish appearance. Otherwise, opt for distressed or ripped jeans to add an edgy element to your look.

Statement Sneakers

A staple in urban fashion is statement sneakers. White sneakers are versatile and can be paired with almost any casual ‘fit.

However, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors or unique designs. The Nike Dunk options are fantastic for this type of street fashion.

Layering Is Key

The main element of urban style is layering. To do this skillfully, combine different textures and garment lengths to create a visually appealing outfit.

Don’t know where to start? Then start with a T-shirt and an open flannel shirt or a bomber jacket. You can then move on and experiment with hoodies, denim jackets, or lightweight sweaters, depending on the weather.

Add Accessories

To take your outfits from good to excellent, add accessories. Things like a watch, beanie, or a stylish backpack can all enhance your outfit. Even just a well-chosen hat or sunglasses can contribute to the urban aesthetic.

Try Out the Urban Style

If you were scared to try something new, then hopefully, you’ve seen that the urban style is easy to get into. All it takes are ordinary garments, meaning you won’t have to make new purchases.

Truth be told, you probably already have many suitable pieces in your wardrobe. So all you need to do is throw them together to get started!

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