D Billions Members' Real Names, Net Worth, and Bio as of 2023

D Billions Members’ Real Names, Net Worth, and Bio as of 2023


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Who are D Billions?

The D Billions band became famous for entertaining kids with their music. This first installment of Kyrgyzstan’s D Billion was uploaded to the website for video sharing on July 27th, 2019, and comprised a set of comedic films targeted toward young children. The main characters featured in every video include Boom-Boom, Cha-Cha, Chicky, and LyaLya.

D Billion, the acronym that translates to “billion smiles,” has had success in its mission of creating content for YouTube viewers from all regions of the globe. It is believed to stimulate the next generation of Kyrgyz and beyond.

D Billions Wiki / BIO

Name D Billions
Youtube debut 2019
Subscribers 24 Million +
Youtube awards Silver, Gold, and Diamond Play button
Country of origin Kyrgyzstan, Asia
Genre Kids’ entertainment
Popular for “My Name Is” Kid song
Email dbillionsband@gmail.com

What Is D Billions’ Real Name? 

Chicky and Cha Cha Boom-Boom, Lya and Chicky are members of the band D Billion. The D billions in real life, Chicky is a brunette and a wild fringe, and Lya-Lya and Choom-Boom are also part of this group. D Ernist Umetaliev is the creator of the whole plan even though Billions the private and public personalities are the same. Umetaliev has been involved in the world of music for an extended period.

In 2016 Umetaliev was the music producer for his music on the album “Love Songs” by Almazbek Atambayev, who was previously President of Kazakhstan. The characters that appear in D Billion are based on real-life characters from Kyrgyzstan’s dance and music scenes who made a name for themselves in their field. 

The person referred to as Cha-Cha (Asko Anarkulove) is also known by the name of Boom-Boom (Janybek “Johnny” Jenishbekov). A similar can be said about Lya Lya, described as the stage name used by an African woman named Darina Vekua. In addition, they’re also creating songs that are in Russian and Spanish.

In 2022, their smash track “My Name Is” became an immense hit on TikTok’s social networking platform. The majority of viewers have provided favorable reviews of the films, especially Chicky Cha-Cha Chicky Boom Boom, as well as Chicky Boom Boom however, Lya Lya has received critiques that tend to be critical.

Top Gainers

Using the word “billions” as the channel’s title may make it appear you’re underestimating the potential audience. Still, D Billion has successfully attracted a fan base of this size for reasons that need to be clarified. D Billion, along with several other channels in the top 50 on our list of top 50 tracks for the week in the United States, provides instructional music intending to reach YouTube’s youngest members. 

Although this specific format has been used before, D Billion gives it a new twist by using rotating hosts sporting vibrant, happy hair and brightly colored faces. The amount of daily views for D Billion has surpassed 90 million, which makes it one of the most popular channels on YouTube, which is located in the United States. 

A growth of 56% has occurred in the last week. In your view, what proportion of DBillions’ recent success can be traced to the content mentioned above? For example, even though some of the latest offerings have only attracted the attention of less than a couple of thousand viewers, a few of them have already crossed the milestone of 63 million. 

While the operations of the YouTube algorithm remain a mystery, it loves DBillions of videos that encourage parents to provide their children with healthy food. The music is relatively high-pitched, and I understand why it’s that way.

D Billions Net Worth

D Billion maintains a large amount of YouTube channels that are a part of the Google Adsense program. Consequently, the company expects its annual revenue will be somewhere in the range of $10.452 Million between $13.440 million. Amusements for children and their pursuits. 

The YouTuber in charge of this channel, D Billions channel, is worth an estimated net worth ranging between $7.62 to $26.11 million. The earnings can range from 521,000 to 700,000 dollars per month on average. It’s been reported that D Billion makes between $350,000 and $419,000 monthly on the YouTube channel. Their primary D billions YouTube channel, which gets 1.17 billion views per month, is where they run their business.


D Billions is a brand-new YouTube channel launched on July 27th, 2019, with the first video titled “Left! Right!” being the first video. They make music and videos to entertain youngsters and then upload the video to different websites for social networking.

In January 2023, they added eleven additional channels on their channel. They have names and D billions subscribers like

D Billions Shorts – 42.8K subscribers
D Billions Português-91K subscribers
D Billions Кыргызча-210K subscribers
D Billions Français-141K subscribers
D Billions Indonesian-47.2K subscribers
D Billions VLOG English-540K subscribers
D Billions Español-5.23M subscribers
D Billions Vlog-167K subscribers
D Billions На Русском-6.72M subscribers
D Billions Music- 512K subscribers
D Billions العربية subscribers-262K

They have over 10,000 followers on Twitter, and over 570,000 people have signed up for a monthly subscription to their songs on Spotify. The listeners are people from across the globe. Hello, Everyone! I’m Cha Cha Cha, and I Love Delicious Fruits & Veggies! Many popular songs are heard in clubs, including Banana, Boom, Chiki Chiki, and more.

Not only are DBillions popular on YouTube It is also a massive fan on Instagram, with over 21,000 Instagram followers and 24,000 Facebook followers, plus greater than 1.3 million views per day on TikTok.

Social media account:

Instagram dbillions_kids_songs
Facebook dbillionsofficial


Are D billions nationality Russian?

All Dbillions cast Kyrgyz citizens constitute 100 percent of the D-billions of the voting population.

Is Lya Lya a boy?

Lala Vekua, sometimes known as Lya Lya, can be described as the stage name used by an African woman whose real name is Darina Vekua.

How much do d billions make?

D Billions brings in somewhere between $10.452 million to $13.440 million yearly in earnings.

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