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KSU D2L – How to access the D2L, Benefits, Features, & More


Elena Kostova

March 5, 2024


In this digital age, schools must continue to adapt to their students’ changing needs. Kennesaw State University, one of Georgia’s best public research institutions, has used technology to adapt its teaching. As part of this integration, KSU launched Desire2Learn D2L as an online learning tool. D2L has been an integral part of KSU classroom learning. This article aims to explain what KSU D2L is and how it benefits students, along with features and other essential facts.

What is KSU D2L?

Kennesaw State University students and faculty use this learning management program, also called D2L or Desire2Learn. This system makes communicating, working together, and accessing essential course materials and resources easier.

KSU D2L Brightspace now has a cloud-hosted version, making it more stable and reliable. Platforms use a “Continuous Deliver” method, meaning that updates are done regularly all year instead of just one big update every few months. This keeps the system current and ensures it meets users’ needs.

How do I use D2L at KSU?

You can access the dashboard by clicking this link after successfully logging in to your KSU D2L Brightspace Account.

  • You will see a list of all the courses you have enrolled in once you log into your account. Launch the course that you want to attend.
  • When you access the homepage for a particular course, you will see a comprehensive list of information in distinct sections. This location allows you to access all course-related files.
  • The data on this platform can also be downloaded. Please click on the provided link to download the file.
  • You will also have the chance to talk with your colleagues about various topics and ask questions. You are encouraged to ask questions, share your opinion, and have in-depth discussions about the assignments.
  • In the assignment section, you can find the exams and the tasks that must be submitted on time. Once the task has been completed, you can send it electronically using the upload icon.

How to Login in to ksu D2L?

Log in to D2L by doing these steps:

Start your browser

Download and install the software that you want on your phone or computer.

Visit the KSU Website:

D2L can be found at

Enter your KSU Net ID:

Enter your KSU Net ID and password in the KSU D2L window. Kennesaw State University d2l  gives each student, staff member, and teacher a Net ID. Once you have entered your Net ID and Password, click the “Sign In” button.

You can now start your courses:

You will then be directed to your D2L page, which lists all the courses you currently enroll in. This page lets you access your course materials, participate in discussions, submit tasks, and other features.

You can also use D2L KSU on your computer or phone with a mobile application. To get the most out of your online courses, download the D2L Brightspace KSU App from the app store on your device. You will need your KSU NetID and password.

The Benefits for Students:

Flexibility and Accessibility:

Students’ flexibility is among the principal benefits that D2L kSU provides. By utilizing the platform 24/7, students can interact with course materials, contribute to discussions, and complete assignments independently with diverse schedules; non-traditional pupils or working professionals find this flexibility especially advantageous.

Extensive multimedia materials:

The learning experience is enhanced by incorporating multimedia resources into KSU D2L. Many resources are available to students, including online forums, interactive exams, and videos, which facilitate comprehension of intricate ideas and accommodate various learning preferences.

Efficient Letter Writing:

The platform facilitates uninterrupted communication between instructors and students. Discussion forums, messaging functionalities, and virtual classrooms enable instantaneous engagements, fostering substantive dialogues and expediting the resolution of inquiries. This improved exchange of information facilitates a cohesive educational community.

Evaluation and Feedback:

KSU D2L integrates a streamlined assessment procedure. The platform enables educators to generate and distribute assessments, including quizzes, homework, and exams. Students are granted prompt feedback, which allows them to monitor their advancement and identify areas that necessitate enhancement. This immediate feedback channel is essential for academic success and continuous learning.

Key Features of D2L Kennesaw 

Kennesaw D2L has many features to help teachers and students learn better. The platform is characterized by:

The course is divided into:

You can browse course materials like books, teaching slides, and videos by sections or themes.


Keep track of due dates and receive feedback from your teacher.

Tests and quizzes

Online tests and quizzes are graded automatically, with multiple types of questions.

Discussions on:

Use shared discussion boards, participate in class discussions, and ask questions.

The difficulty levels:

Keep track of your progress and check your scores throughout the course.

Important news:

Stay informed about any changes in the course, essential dates, and other information.


Remember when your tests, assignments, and other events are due.

Working in groups

You can work together on projects, share files, and communicate with your group members in dedicated areas.

Text messages and emails:

Get alerts on changes in your class and talk to your peers and teachers.

Accessibility and welcoming all:

Several features and tools can assist all types of learners. These include word size, screen reader interaction, and other options.

How to Change Your KSU D2L Password

The password reset method is a simple way to change your ksud2l password. You can change your D2L password by following these steps:

  1. Click the link to get your password by visiting the D2L KSU Login page.
  2. Follow the steps to verify your identity on the page for password reset.
  3. You will be asked for a new password after checking your name.
  4. Be sure to choose a password that is both strong and contains a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters.

You can keep your account and personal information secure by using a strong password and changing it often.

If you have problems recovering your password, the D2L KSU Help Desk can provide more assistance.


KSU D2L changed how Kennesaw State University taught by providing students and teachers with a powerful, engaging way to train. With its many features, such as course management, contact tools, and access to learning material, online learning has become much more enjoyable. After reading this article, we hope you have a better understanding of this new method of learning.

Elena Kostova

Elena Kostova

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