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How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps on Computer or in Phones



January 8, 2023

How to drop a pin in Google Maps? Step1- On your iPhone or Android phone, launch Google Maps. Step2- Use the search bar to search for an address.

If you drop a penny at a specific spot when you drop a pin, the GPS coordinates for that location are stored.

So, when you share your address with your friend, you’re telling them exactly what you’re doing, not only the closest street address (which could take miles).

How to drop a pin In Google Maps

We’ll start there with Google Maps as the most popular mapping service. It is possible to drop a pin at the current location or any other location you know about.

Sharing Your Location:

Start your Google Maps application and locate the blue dot indicating the current position. Get the most precise location in the maps by pinning upwards using the fingers of two to zoom into. Tap while holding the marker until you can drop a pin in the current location.

When the menu comes up, you can swipe to choose. “Share” option. Click on it and choose the method of sharing that is appropriate for your place of residence. Next, show the location of the PIN. You just threw an email!

Sharing Your Live Location (Drop Live Pin)

When you drop a pin, You should send the live position of your dropped pin. if you’re moving. The recipient can follow your journey through Google Maps in real-time.

To send live location information, you need to press the blue marker once (instead of holding and tapping) and select “Share Your Location” from the menu that pops up. In the beginning, a list of your Google contacts that have Google maps will appear. Click “More Options ” to see additional sharing options; then, select the one you would like to utilize.

a live drop pin can remain active between 15 minutes to 24 hours. Even if there’s no application, Google Maps will need access to your location to share your current GPS coordinates with the receiver.

How To Open Dropped Pin In Google Maps after you drop a pin

How you drop a pin and open the pin drop location given to you depends on how it was communicated and what you intend to accomplish with it.

Google Maps is the default mapping application on Android devices. Apple devices have their Maps application. However, it’s simple to download Google Maps on the store for apps.

All pins dropped from the Google Maps app will open in Google Maps on the recipient’s phone or tablet. There should be an orange dot on the map that shows your pin’s location.

All you need to be able to open is the email sent to you with the pin’s location. Most of the time, the pin location is a short link that looks something like this:………. All you have to do is tap on that link, which will open in Google maps.

You can then obtain directions to the spot and begin the journey. You can also save the pin’s location or send it to another person.

How to open a dropped pin from WhatsApp in Google Maps

The Whatsapp app also allows users to communicate geographic pin locations. When using Android devices, it’s simple to access the Whatsapp Pin location in Google Maps. Click on the address in the message to access it. You’ll be taken on a journey to Google Maps.

There’s a Maps application that is compatible with Apple devices. This is by default. You can tap on the location of the message to start the Whatsapp pin on Google Maps on an iPhone or iPad. After that, tap the car icon and select “Google maps.” Google Maps will now open to the location you’ve chosen. (Make that Google Maps is already on your computer before you start.)

Dropping pins in Google Maps on mobile

In the most recent version of Google Maps, drop a pin through the search box is simpler. It drops pins automatically, regardless of whether you’d like it to. It is assumed that if you need to locate a particular address, you’ll want to put a pin at that address. When you type in an address in the search box, the pin will be placed there automatically. You must press and hold if you choose to use maps instead to locate the location.

Step 1. On your iPhone or Android phone, launch Google Maps. 

Step 2. Use the search bar at the highest point of your display to search for an address, or scroll through your map to come across the area where you’d like to place an icon.

Step 3. To drop an object to drop a pin, press the screen and then hold it. It’s all it takes is a slight finger.

Step 4: click the pin for directions to the place and save or share.

Step 5: To remove pins, pull them away. A box that says “Dropped Pin or the Specific Location,” as well as an “X” on the right, will be displayed at the top. If you tap on that button, the pin will pop out.

Using a computer to drop pins in Google Maps

Step 1: Visit the official website for Google Maps.

Step 2. Make use of the search bar in the lower left-hand corner. You can search for an address or browse through the map until you locate where you’d like to drop an image. The location you search for is identified with a pin using the search box. There’s nothing else to do.

Step 3: Press your left and click where you would like to place the pin. If there’s already a marker in the area where you would like to place the pin, you may be required to be able to move the mouse inward or move slightly toward the right or left. A tiny gray pin and the information field will pop up at the bottom left part of your screen.

Step 4: Click on the icon for navigation inside the info box to find directions to the location of the dropped pin, or click any other place in the box for more information on the place you’ve selected.

Step 5. Click Save on the screen. You will be presented with additional information about how to add the pin to your Favorites. You’re a fan; you’re a want to Go or Starred Places or a brand new list. Then, under “Your Places” in the main menu, you’ll be able to view the saved pins.

How to Remove Dropped Pins

You have a good idea of how to drop the pin. Now the question is: How do you remove the dropped pin? What can you do to get it off of the map?

For Android and iOS, On both platforms, tap on the X inside the message box high up on your page to delete the pin. If you’re looking to eliminate the pin that you accidentally placed on the desktop, you can either click on the map or the X icon on the right side of your screen.

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