Commonly Used Surgical Tech Instruments

Commonly Used Surgical Tech Instruments


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Are you looking to get into the healthcare field? What process is better than surgery? However, becoming a surgeon takes a lot of time, effort, and money, not to mention schooling.

An easier job available to you is becoming a surgical tech. Surgical techs are in charge of assisting surgeons during operations. They help by holding surgical instruments commonly used.

Surgical tech instruments are made specifically for their tasks. Becoming an expert in their use gives you the perfect job. Holding the instruments keeps you from getting dirty or washing the surgical equipment.

Read on to learn about commonly used surgical tech instruments.


One of the most basic yet indispensable surgical instruments is the scalpel. It is a small, sharp knife-like tool with a handle that allows surgeons to make precise incisions in the patient’s skin and tissues. The blades come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific surgical procedure being performed.


Forceps are handheld instruments resembling tweezers with a locking mechanism. They are used for grasping, holding, or manipulating tissues and vessels. They can also be used with other surgical materials during procedures.

The precision and control offered by forceps make them indispensable tools in surgery. They enable surgeons to work with delicate tissues safely.


Surgical scissors come in various types, including straight, curved, and blunt-ended. They are used for cutting tissues, sutures, and other materials during surgery.

High-quality scissors ensure smooth and precise cutting. They minimize tissue damage and enhance patient recovery.


Hemostats, or arterial forceps or clamps, are essential for controlling bleeding during surgery. They come in various designs. These include mosquito, Kelly, and Rochester types, each tailored to specific surgical needs.

Hemostats firmly clamp blood vessels. They prevent excessive bleeding and facilitate a more controlled surgical environment.

Needle Holders

Suturing is a crucial step in most surgical procedures. Needle holders are used to grasp and control surgical needles during the process.

These medical instruments come with various jaw shapes and locking mechanisms to accommodate different needle sizes and types of sutures. offers a wide range of needle holders suitable for different surgical needs.


Retractors are instrumental in providing surgeons with a clear view and access to the surgical site. They hold back tissues and organs, allowing the surgical team to work safely and efficiently.

Self-retaining retractors like the Weitlaner and Balfour retractors are particularly useful. They can stay in place without requiring an assistant’s constant hold.

Suction Devices

During surgeries, maintaining a clear and blood-free operating field is essential. Suction devices are used to remove blood, fluids, and debris from the surgical site. This ensures optimal visibility for the surgical team.

These devices come in different sizes and configurations. These also include handheld suction devices and electric suction machines.

The Most Common Surgical Tech Instruments

In conclusion, surgical techs play a major role in patient care. Many commonly used surgical tech instruments are necessary to ensure the success of a surgery. Trained professionals must be knowledgeable of these tools and know how to use them effectively.

Ensure to familiarize yourself with these instruments to become an effective surgical tech. Take the time to begin learning now!
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