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Dressing for Success: Choosing the Right Outfits for a Wedding Party


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It’s sad, but a British survey found that 78% of bridesmaids disliked their dresses. This means it’s necessary for you to ensure yours do!

Of course, it’s your special day, so your girls (or guys) shouldn’t outshine you and steal the spotlight. But that doesn’t mean you should actively sabotage their looks either.

As a true friend, you should take several factors into consideration so that everyone’s happy. Keep reading for some tips on how to choose the right outfits for a wedding party.

Choose a Color Palette

You can choose one color for your wedding dress, then pick a contrasting color palette for your wedding party. This allows them some freedom in the outfits they wear, but it won’t be so chaotic and fragmented since the hues will match.

Make sure you’re specific on the color scheme though. Instead of saying “red”, tell them “brick red” or “burgundy”. Or instead of “gray suits”, pinpoint light or dark gray.

To ensure everyone has the right idea, it’s beneficial to pass out color swatches.

Have One Unifying Detail

In addition to picking a color palette, you should select a unifying detail too. For example, dresses made from the same type of fabric is a concept!

Other ideas include the type of dress or suit or how long/short the dresses are.

Don’t Forget About the Larger People

Often, larger people feel self-conscious about being in a wedding party, especially since many of the outfits are catered to thinner people. They may resign themselves to wearing things akin to a potato sack, but don’t let this happen to your friends!

The truth is, there are amazing plus size bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits you can get that are stunning. You just need to know where to look and be diligent about it.

Talk to Them

The people in your wedding party will be the ones wearing the outfits, after all, so their feedback should be the most important thing!

While you might think the clothes you’ve picked look gorgeous, they might not think so. Keep a clear line of communication and accommodate their wants and needs. As long as their desires are reasonable, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t alter things to their satisfaction.

It can be fun to go shopping together so you can get real-time feedback. Not only will it be a bonding experience, but you can also create outstanding wedding party outfits without omitting anyone’s opinion.

Ensure Your Wedding Party Looks Great

Your wedding party will be right there with you on your big day. By keeping all the above tips in mind, you’ll make sure everyone has a fantastic time looking their very best! And as a result, your loved ones will remember your wedding as one of the best ones they’ve ever been too.

Need more help with wedding planning? Then keep browsing our blog page!


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