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Famous asian youtubers Dominating the internet



April 26, 2023

Famous asian youtubers

Asian YouTubers

Since 2005 when YouTube was first launched, users from all over the globe have been attracted to it. YouTube statistics show that only 33 percent of the most watched videos are in English. It is especially well-known in Asia and India, in which T-Series, the most prominent Indian music studio and film label, has the highest number of subscribers than any other channel on YouTube. For this post, we’ll try to concentrate on Asian individuals who have become famous through YouTube. Many YouTubers, from actors to asian gamers, have over 1 million users.

Youtubers with a massive following in Asia

If you’re not convinced about it, a few of the most popular platforms on YouTube are run and owned by Asian people as such, and it’s not difficult to find content creators in this category and produce quality content.

Let’s discuss several of the popular Asian YouTubers.


CarryMinati is an Indian rapper, comedian, and gamer who goes under the moniker Ajey Nagar in the real world. He has over 35.8 million viewers on YouTube. Time as well as Forbes, have published articles about the work he’s accomplished on YouTube. Time magazine put him on their list of Next Generation Leaders in 2019. In 2020, Forbes Asia put him on their list of 30 individuals younger than 30. Most times, the comedian posts satirical jokes, humorous videos, as well as live gaming. However, his success is not without difficulties.

Hajime Syacho

The most-watched Asian YouTuber from Japan is Hajime Syacho. Hajime Syacho owns 10.1 million subscribers, and his video content has been seen 8.6 billion times. Hajime has an enormous amount of fans on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitter. He creates hilarious videos using jokes, skits, and fun experiments, like dropping lots of Mentos in a soda-filled tub. People enjoy watching his videos since he’s funny. Hajime has enjoyed success on YouTube and frequently collaborates with brands on videos for product reviews, campaigns, and collaborations. There are over 2500 videos available and uploaded to the YouTube channel, and nearly every day, a brand new video is added. If it continues to grow at the same pace, it will be 12.2 million users by 2023.

Triggered Insaan.

In the list of Famous Asian YouTubers, Nishchay Malhan/Triggered Insaan is an influential YouTube influencer from Delhi, India. He was an engineer. More than 14 million YouTube subscribers, 3.3 million Instagram followers, and tens of thousands of Facebook, Twitter, and Discord followers.

The Triggered Inssan channel has funny commentary, rants, comedy sketches, and roasts. The comedian is also an avid gamer and has a distinct YouTube channel, Live Insaan, which is all about games.

Ria Yunita

Ria Yunita, who goes by the name of Ria Ricis, is an Indonesian YouTuber. Before she launched the Ricis Official YouTube channel in 2016, she had accumulated 30 million subscribers and thousands of fans on Instagram. NoxInfluencer claims that she can earn, on average, $6.5K for each video.

Ryan Higa

Ryan Higa, also known as Nigahiga, is a well-known Japanese YouTuber in the US. He is one of the famous asian YouTubers. He created the original name of his YouTube channel, combining his last name with “niga,” which means “rant” in Japanese. His YouTube channel is so hilarious that 21.3 million users are signed-up to view the videos. The first video was a funny sketch that did exceptionally well. He also created a podcast titled Off the Pill, inviting guests to discuss their opinions on various subjects. He is also a musician and actor. In 2017 he made the Forbes list of the 30 under 30. There are over 400 of his videos, which have been watched 4.3 billion times. If his growth continues at the same pace, the channel will reach 21.5 million subscribers by 2023.

zbing z

The official YouTube channel for Naiyarat Thanawaigoses is Zbing Z. There are 16.2 million users (aka Pang). She is best well-known for streaming live video games, and in 2014, she also began making videos. Each day, she spends an hour or so making games and then adding commentary with male and female voices. When she spoke to the Bangkok Post, she said violence, foul language, smoking, alcohol consumption, and smoking are unacceptable during casting. On average, her videos have just over one million monthly views.

PONY Syndrome

Park Hye-min is a YouTuber hailing from South Korea and the head of PONY Syndrome. Pony syndrome is one of the Famous asian Youtubers.  The channel hosts over 200 video clips that have been watched over 350 million times. There are 5.93 million viewers. Park Hye-min is a highly talented makeup artist. Her videos tend to be about beauty and makeup techniques. She is undoubtedly the most famous makeup artist. Her channel also critiques makeup, produces videos and vlogs about what happens behind the scenes, and has worked with brands such as L’Oreal and Dior.

Compared with other K-beauty YouTube channels, the Pony Syndrome channel is much more popular since all its videos accompany English subtitles. Every week, new content is posted on the PONY Syndrome channel. If she grows at the same pace, the track will be able to boast 6.13 million users in 2023.


Hikaru Kaihatsu manages the famous YouTube channel HikakinTV in Japan and is called one of the most famous asian Youtubers. He is an excellent beatboxer and musician and has collaborated with some of the most prominent artists from American music, such as Aerosmith and Ariana Grande. There are hilarious skits of music videos, a video that features food items, questions and answers, and the most viral challenge videos on Hikaru. People love how he behaves, which has allowed him to gain 10.6 million YouTube users. In the first month, he posted over 3,100 videos which were seen 9.4 billion times. If the channel continues as it has been throughout the year, it’ll reach 12.3 million viewers and 11.6 billion views of videos.

Wrapping Up.

Video marketing with influencer marketing and working with well-known Asian YouTubers are great ways to tap into the profitable Asian market.

On our list of best Asian YouTubers to collaborate with, we’ve included extremely successful influencers from many different areas.

Whichever you’re targeting, you can find an Asian YouTuber in this group who would make a fantastic partner.

Are you eager to learn more about promoting your brand using video and influencers?