How Can You Plan a California Road Trip With Kids?

How Can You Plan a California Road Trip With Kids?


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Do you have an itch to hit the open roads and see the grand American landscape? Maybe you’re planning a big family vacation and need to set your sights on a new location.

California offers some of the most breathtaking views and the largest cities you’ll ever see. If you’re wondering how to plan a California road trip with kids, you’re in the right place.

You can plan convenient, comfortable, and exciting trips through well-known and hidden locations. Keep reading to find out more information.

Let’s get into it!

Pack and Dress in Layers

During summer, it can be very hot during the day and then quickly cool off in the evenings, so it is important to be prepared with light jackets and even gloves. If you are planning on heading to the mountains or ocean, a waterproof jacket might be a good idea.

Keeping a variety of clothing items in a storage bin so they are easy to access is often a good idea. Additionally, for longer stays in one location or if you plan to camp, having a variety of clothing is essential to keep the kids comfortable in changing weather conditions.

Maximize Your Time at the Theme Parks

Start by mapping out your days to maximize time at the theme parks. A great way to save some time is to purchase tickets online before leaving home.

This will help to avoid long ticket lines upon arrival. Consider staying in a hotel within the vicinity of the theme parks and look for packages that offer transportation to those parks.

Also, decide whether or not you plan to take your meals in the parks. Kids love theme parks and you can save a lot of money by opting to bring a cooler with snacks from home. To make sure kids enjoy the ride and stay entertained consider bringing along some games, books, and movies.

Book Ahead for Camping

When planning such a trip, one of the most important considerations is booking ahead for camping. This will ensure that a suitable campsite is readily available.

It is best to research various campsites before making any concrete decisions. A few considerations include the type of amenities offered, such as pool access, laundry service, and recycling programs.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind the proximity to attractions and activities that the family would like to explore. Once a camping spot is selected, it is wise to make reservations at least six months in advance as popular campsites tend to fill up quickly.

Plan a Ski Trip That Moves at Everyone’s Pace

When visiting California, plan a ski road trip with kids. Since ski trips often involve inclement weather and a wide range of terrain, it’s important to work with everyone’s skills and abilities in mind.

Start by speaking with the kids and their parents about what kind of trip everyone is interested in and make sure to take into consideration time, distance, and budget. Research different ski areas with a variety of runs to accommodate everyone’s needs, such as family-friendly plans with tubing and other winter fun activities.

Bring Lots of Sunscreen

The California sun can be intense, especially in the summer months when temperatures are at their highest. Kids should wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to protect their skin.

Parents should bring a variety of sunscreen products that their children can apply depending on their activity, such as sports sunscreen for outdoor activities or a waterproof spray for when they are swimming. Parents should also demonstrate the importance of wearing sunscreen by applying it to their own skin each day.

Additionally, they should keep a stock of sunscreen in the car at all times for easy access and reapplication as needed. With the right planning and preparation, a family trip to California can be an enjoyable and educational experience for the kids.

Don’t Assume That Wine-Tasting is Off the Table

It is important not to assume that wine tasting is off the table. There are plenty of family-friendly wineries and vineyards throughout California that cater to families and travelers of all ages.

Wineries and vineyards often welcome families and have many child-friendly options for enjoyment. An excellent way to plan a California road trip with kids is to begin by selecting a wine region route. Include stops with family-friendly locations, such as state parks for sightseeing, pet-friendly lodging for overnight stays, and nearby restaurants that accommodate kids.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take The Kids to a Nice Dinner

For those looking to take a California road trip with kids, don’t be afraid to take the kids to a nice dinner. Planning a road trip through the Golden State with kids can take a bit more time and research, but the effort is well worth it.

Be sure to research the restaurants beforehand and look for the kid-friendly ones. Consider a restaurant that has engaging activities, complimentary snacks, and a kid-friendly menu.

Once you’ve chosen the restaurant, call ahead and let them know how many people and children are coming. Some restaurants offer activities and games, so it’s possible to rent them beforehand and have them ready for your meal.

Rent an RV

Organizing a road trip in California with kids can be a fun and exciting experience. When planning, one of the best options is to rent an RV for added convenience and comfort.

An RV is great for family trips because it provides a self-contained environment with living and sleeping areas, as well as a kitchen and bathroom. This eliminates the need to rent multiple hotel rooms, and being able to prepare your own meals saves money. Eating out all the time isn’t always that enjoyable with young children.

There are RVs for rent near California, in addition to smaller towns, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. With an RV, you’ll also be able to tailor your itinerary around mobility and avoid the exhaustion that can come with traveling.

Top Ideas for California Road Trip With Kids

Planning a California road trip with kids can be overwhelming but also exhilarating. With proper research, planning, expectations, and packing, you can make your road trip a memorable and successful experience for the whole family.

So don’t wait any longer. Now is the time to plan your amazing California Road Trip today!

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