How do you make wood in little alchemy

How do you make wood in little alchemy?


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Little Alchemy is an entertainment game. Today we show you how to make one of the most complicated things in Little Alchemy, Wood. Anything is possible when you have a clear direction and set your mind according to it. As we believe in creating from the ground up, below all steps discuss making wood from scratch in mini alchemy. Tool + Tree is the only way to make wood. Follow these step by step to make wood in the Little Alchemy game. Wood is very important because you can make many elements using this it’s part.

You need to learn this step very carefully.

First Make Life

·         Rain is formed when air and water mix.

·         A plant is formed from earth and rain.

·         Soil is formed from water and earth.

·          Swamps are made up of plants and soil

·         Combining air and fire creates energy.

·         Swamps and energy make life.

·         Man is made from earth and life.

·         Lava is formed from earth and fire.

·         Rock is formed from air and lava.

·         Sand is formed from wind and rock.

·         Glass is made from fire and sand.

·         Time through glass and sand.

·         Metal is made from fire and stone.

·         A tool is made from humans and metal.

·         A plant and time make a tree.

·         Time and trees make wood.

Below is a table that will help you understand it better

1.        Air + Water = Rain

2.        Earth + Rain = Plant

3.        Water +Earth = Mud

4.        Plant + Mud = Swamp

5.        Air + Fire = Energy

6.        Swamp + Energy = Life

7.        Earth + Life = Human

8.        Earth + Fire = Lava

9.        Air + Lava = Stone

10.      Air + Stone = Sand

11.      Fire + Sand = Glass

12.      Glass + Sand = Time

13.      Fire + Stone = Metal

14.      Human + Metal = Tool

15.      Plant + Time = Tree

16.      Time + Tree = Wood

The first 14 steps to making wood in Little Alchemy are to make a tool. After that, we work towards making the Tree. All these have been covered in previous posts, so we will not be discussed them in detail here.

Second Make Metal:

You only need three combinations to make metal in mini-alchemy. Below we guide you step by step to make the metal.

1.       First, create a lava combination between earth and fire element.

2.       Second, create a stone combination between the air and lava element

3.       Make the ultimate metal combination between stone and fire elements.

·         Earth +fire =lava

·         Air +lava=stone

·         Stone +fire=metal

Third Make Time

That is our third step. In this stage, you need three combinations to make time in a little alchemy game. Let’s discuss each in turn.

1.       First, mix the sand between the air and the rock.

2.       Second, create a glass fusion between fire and sand in a little alchemy.

3.       Last time the combination of glass and sand elements.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

·         Air+stone=sand

·         Fire+sand=glass

·         Glass+sand =time

Final Make Wood

That is the last step. In this step, you must combine new tree and tool elements to make wood in Little Alchemy.

1.       First, create a human combination between the earth and fire elements.

2.       Second, create a tool combination between human and metal elements.

3.       Third, combine the tree element between the plant and time elements.

Finally, create wood in a small alchemical combination between the Tree elements and the tool.

Below is a table that will help you understand it better

·         Earth +life=human

·         Human +metal=tool

·         Plant+time=tree

·         Tree+tool=wood

We have 64 points that you can create with wood and other items in mini-alchemy.

1.        Story makes pinocchio

2.        Stream makes the bridge

3.        Swordfish makes a fishing rod

4.        Tobacco makes the pipe

5.        Tool makes the axe

6.        Tree makes treehouse

7.        Air makes the flute

8.        Animal makes beaver

9.        Bee makes the beehive

10.      Bird makes woodpecker

11.      Blade makes an axe and sword

12.      Blender makes paper

13.      Bow makes the arrow

14.      Bullet makes the arrow

15.      Charcoal makes pencil

16.      Cheese makes mousetrap

17.      Coal makes pencil

18.      Container makes bucket and fireplace

19.      Cook makes cutting board

20.      Corpse makes coffin

21.      Earth makes the plow

22.      Fabric makes drums and tent

23.      Field makes fence and plow

24.      Fire makes campfire + charcoal + smoke

25.      Fish makes a fishing rod

26.      Fruit makes fruit tree

27.      Garden makes a fence

28.      Glass makes a mirror

29.      Hay makes a broom

30.      Horse makes trojan horse

31.      House makes log cabin

32.      Human makes lumberjack and tool

33.      Ice makes snowboard

34.      Juice makes popsicles

35.      Lake makes the boat

36.      Leather makes drum

37.      Letter makes mailbox

38.      Wall makes the fence

39.      Water makes boats and paper

40.      Wheel makes a cart

41.      Wind makes a flute

42.      Wine makes the barrel

43.      Wire makes a bow

44.      Wizard makes the wand

45.      Wood makes a wall

46.      Life makes pinocchio

47.      Machine makes paper

48.      Mailman makes mailbox

49.      Metal makes a tool

50.      Music makes drum

51.      Ocean makes a boat

52.      Paper makes the book

53.      Pencil makes the ruler

54.      Piranha makes a fishing rod

55.      Plant makes the Tree

56.      Pressure makes paper

57.      River makes boats and bridge

58.      Rock makes the tool

59.      Rope makes a bow

60.      Sea makes the boat

61.      Snow makes snowboard

62.      Sound makes bell

63.      Steel makes the tool

64.      Stone makes axe and tool

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