It is about Voicemail and how we can send voicemail anyone from a phone

How To Leave A Voicemail From iPhone and Andriod Devices?


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If you frequently communicate with professionals or simply want to leave a message and make a good impression, you should know how to leave a voicemail. It is important to understand what should be included in the voicemail and how long the voicemail should be in order to leave a professional voicemail. 

In this article, we will discuss why it is important to leave a professional voicemail, and how to forward a voicemail from multiple mobile devices. So, if you don’t know how to leave a voicemail and want to learn about it, then keep reading. 

What is a Voicemail?

A voicemail message is an electronic recording left by the caller to be retrieved by the requested receiver of the message at a later date. There are several ways the recipient can retrieve a stored message. 

This could be through a phone call, a desktop computer, email, or other communication methods, depending on the recipient company’s business phone system.

A voicemail system includes features like an interface allowing you to select, play, and manage your messages. It is possible for the voicemail sender to either play the message or deliver it using the delivery features. 

Notification features are also available which inform the receiver of a voicemail waiting for them.

Why is it Important to Leave a Voice Mail?

There are several reasons leaving a voice mail is an important method of communicating professionally with another individual. While much of today’s communication is conducted via email, there are still several situations in which it would be careful to pick up the phone and call the person you will need to talk to. 

In a professional manner, it is necessary to ensure that whatever the reason is for the call, the voicemail you leave conveys professionalism and grace.

A few examples of situations when people leave voicemails in a professional setting are:

  • Confirming a job interview by telephone
  • congratulating a colleague
  • working with clients
  • informing about an unexpected leave from office 
  • communicating with other employees

Among the many situations where professionals are able to speak with one another on the telephone, these are only a few instances. If you cannot reach a person over the phone, you would leave a voicemail with a request for a callback or with specific information.

Another important reason for leaving a voice mail is that it enables you to communicate effectively. The majority of the people speak more confidently on voicemails as compared to voice calls. A well-spoken and professional applicant can quickly be identified during the hiring process by simply speaking with them over the phone or listening to a voicemail they leave.

How To Forward A Voicemail on iPhone?

There are no general rules for forwarding voicemails from mobile devices. However, it still helps to know the basics. Let us begin by looking at how to forward voicemails from an iPhone:

  • First, open your device and tap the Phone icon
  • Tap the Voicemail icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Find the voicemail you wish to forward from your list of voicemails. To open it, tap it once.
  • Upon opening the voicemail message, you want to forward it. Tap Share to forward it.
  • The voicemail can be forwarded via text message or email. To forward the message, simply tap the appropriate icon
  • Your forwarded voicemail message should be sent to the recipient you wish to share it with. Send your text message or email to their contact information.

That’s it. If you follow these steps then the voicemail from your iPhone device will be sent to the receiver as required.

How To Forward A Voicemail on Android?

The process is a bit more complex on Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy. A third-party app may be required to forward voicemail.

Most people use the Google Voice application (it may already be installed on your Android device). If you do not have this application, you can easily install it from the Google Play store with your Google account. 

Once you have installed the application, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: 

Open the Google Voice application.


From the menu screen, tap settings

STEP 3: 

Click on the Voicemail tab, then select the type of forwarding you want:

To send via a message: select the linked phone number you want to send the message to whereas to send via email, select this option and enter the email address you wish to send to

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