Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale

Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale Biography – Wife of Frank Abagnale


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Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale

Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale is married to Frank Abagnale. Frank Kelly, Anne Welbes ‘ husband, is a famous American novelist who was indicted for an offense. In the latter part of the 1970s, Frank became famous for claiming that he was the assistant attorney general of Louisiana, a hospital physician in Georgia, an instructor in Utah, and a Pan American World Airways pilot who flew over 2 million miles. Abagnale states that he began by stealing money at people’s homes and composing fake checks when he was just 15 years old.

Quick Info

Full Name         Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale
Known as Wife of Frank Abagnale
Age 69 years old as of 2023
Date of Birth 26 June 1954
Place of Birth   United States of America
Current residence  Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Zodiac sign Cancer
Husband Frank Abagnale
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Religion Christianity 
Eye color Blue 
Hair color  Brown
Children Sean, Scott & Chris Abagnale

Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale Early Life

She was born in Galveston, Texas, on June 26, 1954. Kelly is the wife of Frank Abagnale. A former felon who was convicted and an acclaimed American writer, Frank. Maxine Cecila Rust and Louis Andrew Welbes are her parents. In 2023, Anne Kelly will be 70 years old. She got to know Frank Abagnale in 1976, and they married within a few months. They’ve raised three children.


Kelly Anne Welbes is the beloved wife of the criminally convicted American novelist Frank Abagnale. Frank is an experienced fraud prevention expert and lecturer who has turned his infamous history into a successful career. In 1976, Kelly Anne and Frank got married and began to start a family with three children. Unfortunately, information about Frank Abagnale wife work is not available since Sheobegank’s wife took on a significant role and has been a constant advocate for his work,

Net Worth 

The author, Frank Abagnale, is married to Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale. Frank Abagnale was found guilty of committing a felony. In the mid-sixties, Frank became famous for his part in a series of scams. However, Frank Abagnale later changed his life and began a profitable career as a security analyst. Amy Welbes Abagnale married Frank Abagnale in 1976. They are parents to three kids.

It is challenging to locate specific information on Kelly Anne’s net worth; however, it is essential to remember that she’s mainly known for her husband’s achievements and actions. Frank Abagnale’s net worth is believed to be around $10 million today. Frank Abagnale’s wife may have an additional net worth, or her husband’s success is directly tied to hers.

Personal Life

Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale and Frank Abagnale have been married for several decades. Their relationship can be traced to the beginning of the 1970s. Abagnale credits his transformation to the day when he first met his wife. Frank Abagnale was an undercover FBI agent in the past, and Frank Abagnale’s wife served as a cashier in the grocery store. 

They met. Frank and Kelly Abagnale were married in a stunning ceremony on the 6th of November 1976. A plethora of friends and family attended the wedding. At the time of their 2023 wedding, the couple is still together. Frank Abignale junior asserts that he was detained at Westchester County School of Reform. Westchester County School of Reform for an offense that involved the use of deceit.


Frank Abagnale once said in an interview that he would have been in the fraudulent team if Frank Abagnale Jr wife had not come into his life. Frank is a person who broke the law many times but now works as the protector of the law. Everything has been possible due to his wife’s motivation. Now they are happily living in their own home. 

The story of Frank and Kelly is a live example of love, respect, and confidence. This is the information we have about Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale. If we get further information about these two, we will update it on our page.


Who is Kelly Anne Welbes?

The American musician and former prisoner Frank Abagnale is married to Kelly Anne Welbes . Abagnale is famous for his role as a conman and imposter.

What is the amount of money Frank Abagnale has now?

It is believed that Frank Abagnale is worth $10 million. However, it isn’t known whether Kelly Anne Welbes has another net worth or if her husband’s success is directly related to her.

Do you know they are on social media? Is Frank Abagnale wife  active on social media?

It’s not true; Kelly Anne Welbes does not use many social media websites.

Who did Frank Abagnale marry?

Kelly Anne Welbes has been with Frank Abagnale since the beginning of his journey and has supported him. Frank has received lots of encouragement from her even though she’s decided to keep away from the spotlight.

How many years have Frank Abagnale and Kelly Anne been married?

The wedding was held on November 6, 1976. And they’ve been married since then

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