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PCNOK – What Company is it? Its Mission, Members, Benefits



February 6, 2023

PCNOK - What Company is it? Its Mission, Members, Benefits

Today, technological advancement and solutions are improving the effectiveness of every industry. In the same way, the healthcare sector significantly benefits from these technological breakthroughs, which allow for the provision of top healthcare management solutions and remote healthcare services. In rehabilitation and healthcare, PCNOK provides the most excellent assistance to the often sick and older adults in the area of electronic health. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, the limitations of social-distance travel and lifestyle-related sedentary diseases create a need for internet-based healthcare solutions to monitor remotely health-related problems.

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is the one-stop source for the most effective remote support in health institutions. This article will concentrate on the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma.

What is a Patient Care Network (PCNOK)?

It is a partnership of 19 Oklahoma’s local health centers. The group aims to meet health reform’s three objectives, including responsible spending, a healthier population, and improved health care.

They also provide services to the countries that make up Oklahoma and assist in commercial mutual contracts, such as collective buying.

PCNOK employs less than 25 employees. However, I am confident that they offer top-quality services compared to other companies. This company employs a range of technological stacks, such as GoDaddy Hosting, Web Hosting, reCAPTCHA, Office 365, Font Awesome, and GoDaddy DNS, to name a few.


The comprehensive care program includes all stages of life, from conception to elderly care. The company has three main goals to improve healthcare.

  • Comprehensive treatment
  • Healthier people
  • Spend wisely

The company’s main objective and rationale are to ensure that healthcare is cost-effective, high-quality, and readily accessible. This is accomplished by establishing a mutual contractual interest.

Major Focus of PCNOK

The company is the business responsible for developing the investigation program Mediation, the investigation program, and the information on care coordination. The firm is a part of and completes the various model types for the association’s foundation and offers various award types.

You’ll be surprised that the company’s overall earnings are less than $5 million, which is smaller than the field’s median.

i) Access to everyone

PCNOK members know patients are covered under Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and self-care. They are also aware of the restrictions imposed for cash-paying patients who meet the poverty threshold of 200. When the patient’s eligibility and payment have been verified, the patient can take advantage of this opportunity.

Oklahoma Patient Care Network members accept self-pay, Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. Additionally, patients who pay cash and fall under the poverty line of 200% are eligible to receive discounts if they present the appropriate evidence.

ii) Comprehensive care and prevention range

More than 60 urban and rural areas receive a health and wellness program that includes prevention and medical treatment. Many medical health services are offered in the areas of dental, vision, along with mental health.

In 63 rural and urban areas, an extensive range of medical treatment and preventive services are available. But, most medical treatments include vision, dental, and mental health services.

iii) Innovations and Solutions

Each PCNOK member is a partner in creating new innovations in the care delivery sector, such as mental health coaching, healthcare coaches, remote medicine, and care teams. They are working to improve many aspects of healthcare.

iv) Leadership

Impact enhances the well-being and health of people by using relationships with others, socioeconomic health factors, and inclusive values.

v) Better administration

This Oklahoma network is based on the social determinants of well-being, the energy and collective efforts of the local communities, and the principles behind reconciliation to assist the most people possible.

vi) Worldwide service

The company is a support network that serves individuals from 77 nations. In addition, the PCNOK network in Oklahoma provides assistance to residents from various regions. The residents of this region are included in this model. The network has a massive impact on human beings in general.

Major Benefits 

  • The network ensures that every patient receives the best possible care within the privacy of the home. The network monitors the patients, keeps a watch on them, and intervenes when necessary.
  • It allows nurses and doctors to be more innovative and keep an eye on more patients at the operating center of the hospital.
  • Family members and caregivers of patients can count on the network’s daily monitoring, which ensures that health professionals are aware of what’s happening to their patients and can act swiftly when they have to.
  • PCNOK assists in bridging the gap between physicians and patients. The company helps reduce the number of patients that visit emergency rooms and the amount of work required in the area.


  • It has the lowest market share in the sector in general.
  • In terms of earnings per employee, the company is lower than the industry average. The entire industry.
  • The company’s growth in sales is lower than the average of the whole industry.
  • If there are fewer employees in an organization, The number of jobs will increase slowly.
  • The growth in sales at The company is greater than the sector average.

Member Institutions

The company lets every Oklahoma health department that wishes to cooperate to improve patient health and quality join PCNOK as a member. Each member can access the resources, training, and support.

Here is the list of members

  • Community Health Connection Inc
  • Family Medical Center, Oklahoma
  • Caring Hands Health Centers
  • Panhandle Health and Counseling Center
  • Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center
  • Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Care Center
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center
  • Stigler wellness and health center
  • Lawton Community Health Center
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center

List of API and technologies used by The Company

  • Framework
  • JQuery
  • Libraries
  • RequireJS
  • Domain Name Services
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Go Daddy DNS
  • ReCaptcha
  • Cloudflare


If you’ve read this entire piece, you know all there is to learn about the PCNOK group. It is an organization that utilizes creative and innovative methods to enhance Oklahoma’s health care. The company’s mission is to offer patients the highest quality medical care in their homes, clinics, or hospitals.

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