Ryan' world net worth-how much money does ryan's world make a day?

Ryan’s world net worth-how much money does Ryan’s world make a day?


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Ryan Kaji is one of the highest-paid actors in the World. His main source of income is his YouTube content. Despite being a kid, Ryan has been among the top earners on YouTube for three years.

His parents join Ryan Kaji, and in this article, we look at his age, net worth, career, family and biography, education, etc.


Ryan Kaji is also knowns as Ryan World, a popular American YouTuber. He was born in Texas on October 6, 2011, to Lon and Shavin Kaji. He is an American citizen and is currently 12 years old. His height is 4 feet 2 inches. His dad is Japanese, and his mother is Vietnamese. He is best known for the toy youtube channel. He has 35 million subscribers.

His mother, Lon, is Vietnamese. Lon’s family fled the Vietnam conflict and were welcomed as refugees in the United States.

Kaji’s mother was a high school science teacher before working full-time at Ryan’s YouTube channel. Ryan has a twin sister. Her name is Emma and Kate.

Ryan’s World Age in 2023

Ryan’s world age in 2023 is 11 years old. The full name of Ryan World is Ryan Kaji. The nationality of Ryan is American, and the religion is Christian .their hometown of Ryan is Houston, Texas. The other name of Ryan Kaji is Ryan toys review. When his parents started uploading videos of toy unboxing, reviews, and demos. First, the channel name was called Ryan ToysReview.

Ryans worlds career

Ryan Kaji, star of Ryan’s World, is a YouTube personality who achieved great success at a young age. Here are some important points about his career.

  • Ryan was three years old when he started his YouTube career. 
  • Ryan’s World is a YouTube channel for kids featuring Ryan Kaji, his mom, dad, and twin sisters.
  • This channel was formerly known as Ryan ToysReview. And now its name is Rayaan World. And it was listed as the highest-earning YouTube channel in 2018 and 2019 by Forbes.
  • It has more than 35 million subscribers as of 2023
  • Various features include toy unboxing and review videos, science experiments, music videos, skits, challenges, DIY arts and crafts, and more.
  • Ryan Kaji’s production company produces family-friendly content.
  • Ryan Kaji has achieved great financial success with an estimated worth of $100 million by 2023 through his YouTube channel.
  • His 2016 video ‘Huge Eggs Surprise Toy Challenge’ has reached over 2 billion views and is one of the 60 most viewed videos in YouTube history.
  • He also signed a deal with Amazon Kids+ to create Ryan Super Spy, a live-action and animated show featuring 30-minute episodes.

Ryan’s World Net Worth

Ryan World is a very popular entertainment channel on YouTube. It has more than 35 million subscribers. The YouTube channel was founded in 2015. That includes his mother, his twin sisters, and his father. His name and image are licensed to thousands of products under “Ryan’s World.” Ryan Kaji has a net worth of $110 million. According to some sources, his net worth will be around 140 million USD in 2023. That’s a lot of money for an 11-year-old YouTuber. Ryan’s Worlds YouTube channel is one of the top 10 most subscribed YouTube channels in the US.

Monthly income

If we talk about Ryan’s monthly payment, it is 2 million dollars plus.

Daily income

If we talk about Ryan’s daily income, it is one hundred thousand dollars 

Annual income

If we talk about Ryan’s yearly income is 20 million plus dollars

Youtube income

if we talk about youtube’s income which is 16 million plus dollars.

 Luxury cars

According to a source, he owns ten luxury cars. It needs to be clarified if all these cars belong to Ryan Kaji or his family.

House Properties

Ryan Kaji and his family own a sprawling 6,200-square-foot home in a gated community and two other properties. The exact details of these properties and the ownership of the said luxury cars still need to be determined.

Tv shows  

The name of the tv shows is as followings

  • Ryans’s particular Present pocket watch (2019)
  • Ryans mystery playdates (2019)
  • Super spy Ryan


the name of the Ryan movies is as followings

  • The youtube effect 2021
  • Camp halo head 2022

Video game 

race with Rayan

Ryan Parent’s Net Worth

Ryan Parent's Net Worth
Ryan Parent’s Net Worth

Ryan World’s parents are Shivan and Lon Kaji. Ryan World’s father’s name is Shivan Kaji.

Ryan Kaji’s parents earn lakhs of rupees monthly through their videos and spend it on expensive houses, cars, and luxury yachts.

Ryans education 

It needs to be discovered what degree Ryan Kaji has obtained. Given his young age, he is probably still in school and has not completed his formal education.

Ryan Kaji Net Worth Growth

  • In 2023 Ryan’s net worth is 110 million dollars
  • In 2022 the net cost will be 90 million dollars
  • In 2020 the net worth was 70 million dollars
  • In 2018 the net worth was 50 million dollars
  • In 2016 the net worth was 30 million dollars

Ryan’s World relationship

We can tell you that 11-year-old Ryan Kaji does not have a girlfriend. Does Ryan Kaji have a girlfriend in the next five to six years?


Child celebrities like Ryan Kaji have undeniably impacted popular culture and society. Through his YouTube videos, Ryan has not only captured the hearts of millions of children around the World but has become a household name among parents and caregivers.

However, it is important to consider the moral implications of parents and children influencing children in the digital age. Creating a safe environment for young children focuses on learning and development rather than commercialism and consumerism is important. Parents and content creators must be responsible and mindful of their roles and impact, and audiences must support responsible and healthy behavior in the entertainment industry.

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