Slang Dab Me Up Meme? Detailed Guide

Slang Dab Me Up Meme? Detailed Guide


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Do you get confused when you hear phrases teasing someone and suppressing someone? First, let’s clarify what differentiates between “dap me up” and “dab me up”. “Dap Me Up” is a traditional friendly. Some are hugging, bumping fists, or pushing each other’s chest. And on the other hand, if we talk about the difference between “dab me up” As you b lift one of your arms while lowering your head in the other. That is the latest meme spreading fast on social media. As a result of the image’s popularity on Twitter, several videos and photoshops were created, including variations of the respective emojis. Notably, one of the originals is paired, and another in which the two tease each other. Have been. Such sentiments originate from mobile games such as Mafia City.

The Origin of dab me up

The phrase “Dap me up” originated in African American communities in the 1970s, when used to signal soldiers in the Black Power movement participating in the Vietnam War. Thanks to the spread of hip-hop culture, it was also widely adopted by white people, especially teenagers and college students. Dipping can be done as positive, non-verbal communication between peers. Similarly, dab is a verb, while Dap is an adjective. Apart from these, certain other important differences can also be observed. Keep reading to learn more. People use it extensively online to communicate with each other.

The Distinction Between Dabbing and Dapping


A dab, as a noun, A small amount of something.”He licked a box of chocolate off his finger.”


 Adab is a verb for pressing against (something) lightly with a piece of absorbent material to clean or dry it.

“he dabbed his mouth with his napkin.”

Synonyms Of The Word Dap

·    skim.

·    skip.

·     cleat

·     boot

·     sneak

·    Gumshoe

·          rubber-soled shoe.

What Does Dap mean in Slang?

You’ve often heard the phrase “deep-up” me when meeting friends. Colloquially, it is an informal greeting with relatives or friends. That includes a fist bump, an informal greeting, and a high five. Squeeze your finger, grab my arm, and give me a “dab” to get me out. Urban Dictionary generously provided this definition. Fist-pounding greetings (dips) and explosive weapons (grenades) are two examples (a girl who is always found with a group of hotties).

How did Dap me up spread?

It started going viral in January 2021 when someone named DoubleJTheG posted a video on YouTube where he spammed an Instagram group chat with the ‘dub me up’ meme until he was kicked out. Since then, it has taken over the internet and continues to go viral online. This video has gone viral in the last few months. “Dab”, in short, stands for trust and respect. It evolved into a form of language that helped people express identity, social cohesion, and solidarity and became more than just politeness. Deep is an acronym for “Pride and Dignity”. Deep is now more than just reception. Eventually, it evolved into a language that enabled individuals to share their beliefs, feelings, and culture.

What does DAB Stand for?

DAB stands for “Digital Audio Broadcasting.”

How To Use “Dap Me Up”?

When you meet your friends, you can say dap me up, meaning you’re requesting an informal greeting. They can tap, shake your hand, or give you a fist bump. Giving a dip or dipping usually involves a handshake (often with the thumbs bent), a pound hug, a fist bump, or a chest fist bump. “Dubbing” can be harmless fun, but it shouldn’t be. It sends a bad message about how low our standards for our role models have fallen.

  ‘Dab Me Up’ memes Explained.

The dab me up emoji, or dip me up emoji, refers to an image of a custom-made emoji with a smiling gold tooth and holding up a hand as if it’s about to squeeze someone, with text reading along with, “Dick me.” The image quickly became a popular reaction image on Twitter and resulted in several amazing videos and photoshops, including a variety of related emojis: notably, One is to debunk the original and the other in which both are suppressing each other. Emote comes from the mobile game Mafia City.

Why Does Everyone Keep Asking Me About this DAP Urban Dictionary?

Slap your palms as a greeting to a friend and then hold their hand while you pull your fingers back until it makes a cracking sound.

Why do guys DAP?

In African American culture, Deep came to symbolize strength and unity. The acronym DEP stands for “dignity and pride”. Deep has become more than a greeting. Over time, it evolved into a language that helped people communicate their values, identity, and culture. Deep is a friendly gesture of solidarity between two people.


‘dab me up’Dub is a word usually used as a noun or a verb. That usually means a light tap or stroke. However, in recent times, the word is mainly used as Slang. The phrase ‘dip someone’ is derived from ‘dip me up’, which is a way of greeting someone. When spelled backward, the word ‘bad’ and having said that, ‘suppressing someone’ is also a way of greeting but in a bad way. Although both dab and dip look similar, they are in no way similar. Well, this article has mentioned various elements that distinguish the former from the latter. However, if you know more about them, mention them in the comments below

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