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Sulayman Chappelle, The untold truth about him – Bio, Age


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Sulayman Chappelle is a well-known media personality and a celebrity in his native United States. He is known best as the son born first to Dave Chappelle, a well-known American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and producer. 

Early Life and Family

Sulayman Chappelle was born in 2001 in Washington, DC, which is the capital city of the United States. Similarly to that, Sulayman Chappelle age is now 21 years old. However, the exact date and date of this baby’s birth have not been released as of yet. Additionally, with regard to his faith, he is Muslim and an American citizen. He is Dave Chappelle oldest son.

The family was founded by comedians Dave Chappelle and Elaine Mendoza Chappelle. Both of his parents are comedians. There’s also an elder sister and a younger brother. He is the youngest of three. Ibrahim Chappelle and Sanna Chappelle are their names.

The same way father of his son, Dave, was born on the 24th of August, 1973. He’s 47 at the moment. Dave Khari Webber is his real name. the parents of Sulayman Chappelle are African Americans. William David Chappelle III is his father. Yvonne is his mother.

However, the comedian’s parents broke up with him when he was just a young child.

Sulayman Chappelle: Education

Because Sulayman, along with his father, has kept their private lives, There isn’t much information about his school. It has yet to be discovered about his education. Moreover, Sulayman is still young and has yet to start work.

Body Measurements

Dave Chappelle’s son is in good physique because he’s a professional boxer. At five 7’7 inches tall and weighing 65kg, the man is large for his height.

The same is true for the famous American child with black eyes and hair.

Work Life

In the footsteps of his father and becoming an established person. Their father is a well-known comedian, actor, TV host, and famous producer. His television show, “Chappelle’s show,” brought him into the spotlight and gave him a lot of attention.

From 2003 to 2006, the father of Sulayman Chappelle was a part of the well-known sketch show satirical comedy “Chappelle’s Show,” which brought the entire family together and earned them the fame and name they enjoy today. However, on this planet, he’s one of the most famous comics from America. Before he became famous in the first place, he was an ordinary street performer and stand-up comedian.


Sulayman earns a living as a boxer. He’s also been studying how to box for nearly five years. Dave Chappelle’s son joined Pacquiao’s Boxing Gym 2015, a well-known boxing gym. Sulayman has participated in many contests and even won some of these.

Dave is very proud of Sulayman Chappelle, whom he has taught to box for five years in the gym. He is confident that Sulayman will develop into a strong boxer who is extremely tough. The people that train in the gym with Sulayman have spoken about how talented the son of Dave Chappelle is. Sulayman is still young. Therefore he can determine what he would like to do in his life.

Personal Life of Sulayman Chappelle

Chapelle is famous for the fame of Sulayman’s father. Although his father is famous, Sulayman prefers to stay far from the limelight. He lives a highly private life with his loved ones and friends in Yellow Spring. That’s, after all, the dream of Sulayman’s father.

Sulayman Chappelle is currently a young man. He’s probably not the best moment to meet an attractive woman or to be married. But, as his father’s son is a wealthy and well-known person with a good reputation, he could marry a gorgeous woman and have children.

Social Media

The celebrity kid isn’t currently on any social media websites.

Net Worth

He is a young man who has his parents running his life. He’s never been a professional in his adult life. Based on what his dad, Dave Chappelle, is worth, we estimate it’s around $50 million.

Quick Facts

  • Sulayman Chappelle is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, which is 1.70 meters. He weighs a heavy amount, which is close to 50 kilograms. His eyes and hair were passed down through his father and mother.
  • Solomon is a name in Arabic. Solomon is a transliteration from the biblical name Solomon King of Israel. His father calls his son “David Del Rey” because of the significance of his name.
  • He is the eldest of the actor Dave Chappell and comedian, producer, and writer Ellen Mendoza’s three children. Dave Chappell won an Emmy for his work on American primetime TV.
  • The girl was raised in the United States to a mother who is part Filipino as well as a father who is African American father.
  • He stands about 1.7 meters (5.9 feet) tall and weighs around 50 kilograms.
  • Due to their African American heritage and American citizenship, he and his siblings have inherited their parent’s dark eyes and dark hair. Together with my mother, Ellen, I have Filipino ancestral lineage.
  • The family resided on a farm of 65 acres located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where children could run through the fields and enjoy playing.
  • Dave Chappell converted to Islam in 1998. Consequently, his childhood was heavily in the direction of religion.
  • Even after the wedding, Elaine does not want to leave her Christian faith.
  • The three kids do not use any social networking. The father is the only person in his family who utilizes the internet regularly.
  • Sulayman Chappelle is a fanatic for boxing. To get into good shape, he exercised with Pacquiao, whose owner, Dave, is a close associate of his trainer, Freddie Roach.

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