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Yeats is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer who has recently gained popularity. As of 2023, his net worth varies from $3 million to $5 million, according to various sources. Yeats’s journey to wealth and success has been documented in multiple articles, illuminating his early life, career, and achievements. Despite the differing figures, it is clear that he amassed considerable wealth through his musical and business ventures. At that time, 12 albums were released. Yeats has succeeded as a musician and rapper in the musical industry. Fans of all ages love his catchy tunes and distinctive voice.

Yeats Biography

Yeat, the stage name of Noah Oliver Smith is one of America’s best-known and best-known figures. First, Smith was born on February 26, 2000, in Irvine, California. However, he spent his early days in California with his parents.
Smith’s father is from Mexico, and his mother is from Romania. After completing his studies in Oregon, he later moved to New York to pursue his ambition of becoming a rapper. Yeats’s zodiac sign is Aries.
The source of income is rapping. Yeats succeeded online through platforms such as Tik Tok before gaining mainstream popularity in 2021 with the release of tracks such as “Sorry Bout That” and “Money Twërk.”

Yeat Age, Height & Weight

Yeats is 23 years old. He is 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall and weighs around 67 kg.
His height is only matched by the heights of his ambitions, and his weight is a testament to the challenges he has overcome as he moves confidently into the future. He stands as a living embodiment of the power of growth and self-discovery.

Early life

Yeat tried his hand at sports in both basketball and football as a child but quickly discovered that athletics was never his calling. He then regressed a bit when experimenting with drugs like acid and weed.

Eventually, he realized that taking too much of the drug would make him tired and extremely lethargic and even began to affect his memory. So he finally got over his habit and started focusing on what he wanted to do. Noah says that some artists like Young Thug.

Career and Awards

Yeats was 15 years old when he first started playing with tunes. He made some unusual experimental tracks but later deleted them. His early rapping days were under the stage name Lil’Yet. In 2018, Yate released his debut album, Deep Blue Stripes. It was well received and put him on the map as one of the scene’s most promising acts. In 2019, but released three additional albums: Wake Up Call, Different Creature, and I Am So Mee. His first music video was for the track Stay Up. In 2020, the American hit rapper left us and held on; Two extended plays.


Yate received his early education at Lake ridge High School. Later, he also graduated there and moved to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper. However, he did not find success in his early days, which pushed him to Los Angeles.

Yeats net worth

Yeat’s net worth varies according to different sources, but as of 2023, it is estimated to be between $3 million and $5 million. But income from mega sales, profits, streams, live performances, joint projects with other musicians, and successful singles are the primary sources of his wealth.

Despite being relatively new to the industry, he has gained a significant following and recognition for his talent. Its value may fluctuate over time due to various factors such as investments, business plans, and career success.

Net worth in 2021

4 million dollars

Net worth in 2020

3.5 million dollars

Monthly income

The monthly income of Yeat is 20,000 plus dollars.

House and Luxury cars

Yeat is a famous American who has done amazing things in his career. He is a rapper that’s quickly garnered praise from critics. Yeat relocated to New York to further his profession but later made his home in Los Angeles, where he lives and has a beautiful home.
Yeat has an impressive number of cars. He likes owning exotic and luxury cars, although most rides are muscle cars. He owns Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, etc.

Personal Life

Yeat is apparently to be bisexual. But was also private to be in a relationship with an Instagram model, “Riley Simon.” Their relationship lasted for a years.

Yet Songs

“Eternal Echo”

“Midnight Serenade”

“Whispers in the Wind”

“Tomorrow’s Rhythm”

“Spark of Imagination”

“Lost in a Reverie”

“Embrace the Radiant”

“Dance of the Stardust”

“Unshakable Horizon”

“Heartstring Tunes”


Yeat is a very successful person who has worked extremely hard. He developed an interest in music from a very young age, and during high school, he decided to become a rapper. After graduation, he progressed significantly and struggled for prominence in the early years. However, after 2018, he has done some very successful work and has been appreciated for it. Yeat is on the right track, and he’s doing great.

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