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Young Dolph Net Worth Before His Death – Who was He?


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American rapper Young Dolph is from Chicago. The first album of Young’s studio titled “King of Memphis” reached the top of the Billboard 200 chart at number 49. Young Dolph was a contributing artist on the smash single “Cut It” by O.T. Genasis, which struggled to reach its dominant status on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 35.

Early Life 

Known by his stage name Young Dolph AKA Adolph Thornton Jr. was born in Chicago on the 11th of August,1985. When he turned two years old, the family relocated from Chicago to Memphis, Tennessee. Both of his brothers are his siblings.


Small Dolph loved his grandmother greatly. In 2008, when she passed away, He was devastated and decided to turn to rap to express his feelings. Paper Route Campaign was his first mixtape that was well-received by the public.

It inspired Young Dolph to study music, and eventually, he created mixtapes such as A Time to Kill, Blue Magic, and Felix Brothers. He was in 2015 when he appeared featured in the track “Cut It” by 03 Genesis, which reached the 35th at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

It made him want to improve in 2016, and the band released their first album, King of Memphis, which critics and fans well-received quite well.

The track reached the rank 49 on the Billboard 200. In April 2017, Young Dolph released his second album, Bulletproof, which got at the number 36 spot on the US Billboard 200.

“Role Model,” his fifth album, was placed 26th in the Billboard 200, the highest ranking of any of his albums. Gelato was one of his latest mixtapes.

Personal Life 

Young Dolph never attempted to conceal his details from the public, and he frequently collaborated alongside his brother Key Glock, a rapper. Dolph was always open about his long-time partner Mia Jaye, with whom he was a father of two.

The first child arrived in 2014, and the second one was born two years later. It’s unclear when they first met; however, there are rumors that they’ve been dating since 2010 and have lived together even though they’ve never married.

In early 2020, Dolph posted his Instagram saying that he had been contemplating quitting music to spend all the time with his children.


Young Dolph had been shot at his home in Charlotte, North Carolina, in February of 2017. A few dozen or up to 100 rounds were fired at him. The patient was hospitalized for two weeks as his wounds were healing. Many believed that the attack might have an association with musician Yo Gotti. Yo Gotti was on the list of those who were of interest. However, Yo Gotti was quickly removed from the list.

Based on the incident, Dolph named his second album Bulletproof.

Young Dolph died after being shot. He was killed at 17 in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 17, 2021. It was a tragic incident.

How much is Young Dolph worth?

Young Dolph net worth in the present and after he passed away was $3 million.

Social Media 

He made lots of money thanks to the many followers through YouTube and Instagram.

It is estimated that there are 1.96 million users who are following Young Dolph on YouTube. The YouTube money calculator states the Young’s YouTube channel earned him around $3 million.

On Instagram, 4.9M people follow his account. This is an enormous influence, and he can charge upwards of $10,000 per post. The version he uses, Instagram account @youngdolph, could charge anywhere from $29.5K or $35.4K for one post and one story per the Instagram Pricing Calculator.

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