Coffee meets Bagel net worth, CEO, revenue, Shark Tank Update.

Coffee meets Bagel net worth, CEO, revenue, Shark Tank Update


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They say, ‘Love makes the world go round.’ But they don’t tell you that this journey is only worth taking if Heaven has already paired you with a man/woman after your heart. And if you’ve been in the dating scene long enough, you must already understand how difficult it is to find someone who makes you cringe every time you see or think about them. They heart skips a beat.

Mr. and Mrs. Wright’s endless search inspired the creation of dating platforms. Most of these websites are designed to match you with someone who shares your interests.

What Is Coffee Meets Bagel?

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app created by three sisters named Aram, Dawn, and Soo Kang. The idea of ​​this app first came to Eram in 2011. The three sisters launched the app called Coffee Meets Bagel on April 17, 2012, in New York City. Then on May 10, 2012, in Boston, and on October 24, 2012, Launched in Francisco.

The app has attracted a loyal user base, partly thanks to its focus on security and privacy. Users can rest assured that their personal information is secure and will only be shared with those serious about finding a relationship.

Eventually, Coffee Meets Bagel was able to secure the backing of investors, allowing it to expand its reach and develop its app. These elements indicate the app’s potential for future success and predict its net worth will only increase in the coming years.

Coffee Meets Bagel Net Worth

Coffee Meets Bagel is estimated to be worth $150 million by 2020. The online dating app found some success during the COVID-19 pandemic when it changed some basic features to cope with the new social environment. The app has seen some success during the COVID-19 pandemic and has reportedly amassed 10 million users. They added a video feature that allows users to meet through video calls. After appearing on Shark Tank, Coffee Meets Bagel has enjoyed some moderate success.

Net worth in 2012

The company announced that it had raised $600,000 in seed funding led by Lite Bank, with co-founder Peng Tee Ong also investing.

Net worth In January 2015

The company announced a $7.8 million Series A financing round led by existing investor Decem Ventures.

Net worth in 2018

In May 2018, Atami Capital initiated a $12 million Series B funding round for the company.

Net worth in 2023

The company’s net worth is expected to exceed $170 million in 2023.

Annual net worth 

The app generates annual revenue of $16 million to $36 million.

The employee of  Bagel.

25 plus employee work in Bagel

Founder Equity 

71% is founder equity of Bagel

Revenue of Coffee Meets Bagel

When Coffee Meets Bagel appeared on Shark Tank, the company was estimated to have $1 million in revenue this year. However, revenue has exploded since then. To date, Coffee Meets Bagel has $3.1 million in monthly income. The app has more than six million users, and over half are premium subscribers.

Meets Bagel is one of Shark Tank’s most successful products, along with Scrubber Daddy, Bombbas Brand Socks, and Swimmply. Meets Bagel, like Swimmply, didn’t get financing from Shark Tank, but it still became a huge success.

Coffee meets bagel shark tank

Coffee Meets Bagel extraordinarily changes the way people meet and fall in love. That is not just another dating site. The problem with regular online dating apps is that people are treated as a piece of information.

Coffee Meets Bagel appeared on Shark Tank in January 2015. During that appearance, the Kang sisters, Erm, Dawn, and Soo, requested a $500,000 investment in exchange for 5 percent of the company. One of the sharks, Mark Cuban, made a fictitious offer of $30 million to buy the entire company, which the sisters turned down. Despite not getting a deal on the show, Coffee Meets Bagel has had moderate success and continues to operate as an online dating and social networking service.

This episode would go down as one of the most popular episodes of Shark Tank. For a show with so many interesting products and guest-starring A-list celebrities, it’s ultimately impressive.

CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel

Dawon Kang is the CEO and co-founder of Coffee Meets Bagel. Kang originally held the role of COO and then became CEO in 2016. She is now the Chief Dating Officer, focusing on the “science of dating” to enhance the app’s user experience. Coffee Meets Bagel was started in 2012 by Kang and his sisters Aram and Sue. Kang and his sisters Arum and Sue founded Coffee Meets Bagel in 2012. The company is estimated to be worth $170 million by 2023.

Coffee meets a bagel number of users.

According to search results, Coffee Meets Bagel is expected to have 10 million customers worldwide by 2023. However, it needs to be made clear how many of these users are active or inactive. The app limits the number of profiles users can interact with each day. Coffee Meets Bagel currently employs 67 people and receives approximately 180,000 unique website visits per month. The company has reported over 100,000 happy couples and claims to be responsible for over a billion introductions and matches to date. Despite competition from other dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Raya, Coffee Meets Bagel has succeeded and sometimes made it into the top 10 most popular dating apps on the app stores.

Is Coffee meets Bagel profitable

Since partnering with Bravo, Coffee Meets Bagel has turned a profit.

Profitability depends on various factors such as operating expenses, marketing expenses, and other expenses that may not be publicly available. The company may be profitable, but it is only possible to determine with access to its financial statements.


Coffee Meets Bagel has been around for over a decade. But the dating app is already giving many competitors a run for their money, both literally and symbolically.

Any form of online dating can seem risky, with the talk of scammers, ghosts, and players, to name a few. As with any other app, your security is of the utmost importance. So, a few tips will help you confidently take this bold step.


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