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Sarah Stern wiki and Facts - What Happened to Sarah Stern
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D Billions Members' Real Names, Net Worth, and Bio as of 2023
D Billions Members' Real Names, Net Worth
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How to utilize the Facebook debugger for Open Graph sharing


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May 24, 2023

Facebook debugger

How to Use Facebook Debugger and Open Graph to Fix Posting Issues?

According to data released in the year’s second half, Facebook has a monthly user base of 2.27 billion. If you’ve benefited from the growth of Facebook, you’re aware of the possible impact it could have on your WordPress website’s performance.

What is the reason this happens to your Facebook posts?

Facebook Debugger is a great tool to use.

How to utilize the SEO plugin to incorporate Open Graph markup into your workflow.

Why Does Facebook Not Correctly Share Your Posts?

You carefully design and create a blog or page, understanding the layout and details that will entice viewers and customers.

Based on the above, it doesn’t matter the method of communication you use with Facebook users, whether through organic posts or paid advertisements. You can expect your posts’ quality to be comparable to the quality of your WordPress website. This is why it bothers me the most when Facebook shares my blog posts:

  • With an inaccurate picture.
  • Without a visual.
  • With an incorrect title or summary that needs to be more accurate.
  • Without a heading, description or heading.

So, why should you use Facebook marketing if it cannot efficiently distribute your content?

There are a variety of reasons that can be the reason, including:

The first thing to consider: 

WordPress caching

The success of a site is heavily affected by the speed at which it loads. Users may focus on the content rather than think about how slow and sluggish their experience is when pages load fast enough.

Another explanation: Facebook caching

The Facebook debugger helps save resources by ensuring that your link is updated every 30 days since metadata on links tends to change often. Facebook has its cache system too. This means it can take as long as 30 days after a change for your account’s data to be updated.

You’ve posted something on Facebook. Then you realize you had to alter the picture that was featured. Then you try to re-upload the article after deleting it, then update and save the new image in WordPress. But, the original image that was featured continues to show. Most of the time, Facebook caching is to blame in these situations.

Third Ground: Image Sizing

Facebook has a minimum file size that must be met to share content within its network. This means that Facebook will scan the rest of the page to find an appropriate replacement if the picture you uploaded to a page or post isn’t compatible with the minimum standards. This is why the wrong image will still show after addressing the other items in this list.

Fourth Reason: The image is not there.

Each Post and Page in WordPress includes a widget specifically for featured photos. It’s easy to overlook, but it’s at the bottom of the right-hand part of the user interface.

If this happens, Facebook will handle it the same way it does images that are too small. It will then scan the rest of the pages’ text to determine whether it can locate an acceptable replacement. The most common scenario is that the first size image on the page is utilized.

How to Use a Facebook open graph debugger Markup WordPress Plugin

It’s okay if you find that using the Facebook Debugger feature to publish your content on Facebook is a burden, and you want to avoid repeating the process every time. You can delegate this job to the WordPress plugin!

The most popular SEO tool for WordPress is Yoast. Let’s take a look at how to configure Yoast. Open Graph markup tool as certain users may not know about it.

Step 1: Turn on Yoast Social

Choose “Social” from the SEO plugin’s drop-down menu on the WordPress sidebar to enable it.

Turn on “Enabled” by clicking the Facebook tab.

To monitor the activity on Facebook Insights related to the Open Graph marked-up posts, input the Facebook Application ID. It is optional to do this, however.

An image’s URL could also be provided on this page. If either you or one of the content authors fails to upload a featured photo–or any photographs at all, to an online page, this information is available.

Adding Open Graph Meta Tags to Posts and Pages is Step 2.

A Yoast box allows you to input the SEO details for each page article. Social-sharing icons can be located on three tabs on this page’s right side. The title, Slug and description you’ve created are now available on Facebook to utilize. Input in your Open Graph markup instead if you wonder if Facebook will be able to access the information precisely or if your Facebook Debugger has suggested doing so.

Post Your Content in Step 3

It is no longer necessary to use the Facebook Debugger tool when everything is set up according to the above guidelines. If you have issues when you publish your work on Facebook, just be aware that the tool is there to assist you in solving these issues.

Helpful tips for Facebook Debugger

The density of the thumbnail’s pixel pixels

Facebook thumbnails must have a size of 1200 628 pixels.If you upload many images, ensure they’re square so the carousel can display them.Donations should be accessible to the general public

Facebook cannot access a password-protected or private website by sharing the link. Thus, your URL has to be accessible to the general public.

A preview of a page’s content before sharing

You can view pages using the Facebook Debugger before publishing them on the very first occasion. This is accomplished by pressing”Get new information” or the “Get new information” button.

How Can Wrong OG Tags Be Fixed?

After setting up tags for your OG tags, you may encounter issues unrelated to how your website’s information is stored. Page caching could be the reason for the incorrect presentation. We’ll demonstrate your abilities.

Url debugger facebook

Facebook sometimes uses outdated data. Therefore, you should delete your cache first. This way, Facebook debug will no longer contain outdated information. Once again, we are correcting mistakes.

It is possible to troubleshoot the issue by cleaning your cache. Enter the URL again and click “Scrape Again” to do this. Now, your link is expected to appear exactly the way it should.

Be aware that some errors are presented as warnings without any. You can press”Troubleshoot” or the “Troubleshoot” button once again when you are sure the warning displayed is incorrect. Even minor errors that don’t impact how readers perceive your content could reduce the amount of traffic. Also, they require fixing.


Are you looking to increase the number of visitors to the WordPress website you’ve worked so hard to create? And improve conversion rates in the process? Your success could be contingent on social marketing via a site such as Facebook. Be cautious when posting.

It’s a risk of damaging your business’s image if you make the time to implement Open Graph markup effectively. You’ve protected yourself with the Facebook Debugger and an essential WordPress plugin, such as Yoast.

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