Top 7 Things to Do During Your Florida Vacation

Top 7 Things to Do During Your Florida Vacation


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Have you been dreaming of taking a trip to Florida? If you have, you’re not alone. Florida has tons of great things to do.

And there’s more to Florida than theme parks. Florida has a lot of great cities for history and culture, as well as other attractions. There’s so much to do in Florida. You could have a new vacation every time you visit.

If you’re planning a trip to Florida for the first time, you might be overwhelmed. Where should you go, and what should you see?

Read on to learn the top things to do during your Florida vacation.

  1. Swimming with the Manatees in Crystal River

Manatees are gentle, friendly, and curious creatures native to Florida. During the summer, Manatees seek out the calm waters of Crystal River to frolic and rest, so it’s the perfect place to view and interact with them. It’s a fantastic chance to see these creatures in the wild.

Before getting in the water, educate yourself on appropriately interacting with manatees. You respect their environment and aren’t unintentionally posing a risk to these giant mammals.

With the help of a tour guide, you can snorkel and swim with the manatees creating a memory that will last a lifetime. With so much to do in Florida, make sure that swimming with the manatees in Crystal River is part of your list of top 7 things to do on your Florida vacation.

  1. Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride in The Villages

Taking a hot air balloon ride in The Villages is one of the most popular and exciting activities on a Florida vacation. The Villages is home to some of the most experienced hot air balloon pilots and offers breathtaking panoramas of Florida’s natural landscape.

Hot air balloon rides in The Villages are a unique experience sure to make any visitor’s trip to Florida unforgettable. In addition to balloon rides, there are plenty of other fantastic activities on the itinerary for a Florida vacation.

Sightseeing at one of the many Florida beaches, enjoying some of the fantastic local cuisines, and taking a tour of the picturesque towns are just a few of the best things to do in the state. Go-karting and nature walk alternative activities that will provide a memorable experience.

  1. Exploring the Everglades National Park

Take a guided tour with an expert from the park and learn more about the diverse wildlife. You can go kayaking or canoeing in the garden and take in the mangrove forests and estuaries of the park. Take a boat ride down the Everglades River to see all sorts of aquatic life, such as alligators, turtles, and several different fish species.

Enjoy an airboat ride in the wetlands and then hike to observe the vast array of wild animals. See the colorful birds, like the roseate spoonbill, and explore the park for a day of watery adventure. Witness the park’s natural beauty at sunset as the incandescent light bathes the tranquil waters.

  1. Enjoying the Thrill of a Roller Coaster Ride at Universal Studios

Universal Studios is home to some of the country’s most famous roller coasters, like Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, The Incredible Hulk Coaster, and The Mummy. The park has iconic rides like Revenge of the Mummy and The Simpsons Ride. Each coaster provides a unique experience full of tight turns and intense drops.

With attractions like these, it’s no wonder Universal Studios is known as “The Entertainment Capital of Orlando.” Aside from roller coasters, some other activities to enjoy during a Florida vacation include visiting the world-famous Daytona Beach, kayaking in the calm waters of the Everglades, and shopping at the nation’s top malls like The Mall at Millenia or The Florida Mall.

  1. Enjoying a Day at the Beach in Clearwater

You can swim and sunbathe or enjoy a variety of water sports like parasailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. For a culinary experience, explore the pier, located right at the beach’s entrance, which has a variety of restaurants, including seafood and ice cream spots.

Afterward, stroll on the beach boardwalk, with plenty of shops and cafes to explore. After a day enjoying the beach, relax in the cozy atmosphere at sunset from the observation deck. Enjoy gorgeous ocean views while your day winds down at a perfect end to a fantastic beach day in Clearwater.

  1. Sailing the Coastline of Miami

There is no better way to take in the stunning views of the ocean and sunny beaches than from the deck of a sailboat. This is one of the top 7 things to do during a Florida vacation! You can choose from many rental boats, from smaller boats for just a few people to large catamarans for larger groups.

There is no shortage of activities to be found sailing along the coastline of Miami, from visiting islands to whale watching and more! Before venturing out, ensure you know the regulations and safety rules for operating boats in the area. Once at sea, wear plenty of sunscreens, bring snacks and drinks, and your camera for capturing the beautiful sights.

  1. Experiencing the Nightlife of Orlando

Number one on the list is to spend at least one night in Downtown Orlando. There are fantastic clubs and bars providing plenty of evening entertainment.

Another great way to experience Orlando’s nightlife is to attend a show at one of the many theatres in the area. From comedy to Broadway shows, there’s something for everyone.

The third is to check out Universal’s CityWalk. Here you can find numerous restaurants and bars to grab a bite and some drinks, as well as DJs and laser light shows. Fourth is to head over to Disney Springs for a fun night out. Plenty of shopping, eating, and nightlife experiences are perfect for date night.

Fifth is to hit one of the local rooftop bars for amazing views and tasty drinks. The Sixth is to take a romantic walk down Park Avenue. Finally, no night out in Orlando would be complete without a visit to one of the local karaoke bars.

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Have Fun With Florida Vacation

Overall, a Florida vacation can provide plenty of activities and fun for visitors of all ages. From hitting the beaches to hitting the streets looking for a bite to eat, there’s something unique to do in Florida. Take the time to experience all Florida offers – you won’t regret it!

To learn more helpful tips, check out the rest of our blog for more.

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